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Places once teeming with Jewish life were gutted. His whole world had effectively vanished.

Parenthood and the Holocaust |

To make some sense of it all, Blumental got to work. Along with an assortment of historians, ethnographers and linguists, he established the Central Jewish Historical Commission.

He knew what these words actually meant when they appeared in memos and bureaucratic forms: They were euphemisms for death. A mission of his own took shape: to reveal the ways the Nazis had used the German language to obscure the mechanics of mass murder and make genocide more palatable to themselves.

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We now have a glimpse into the mind of Blumental and his fellow survivor historians. Heil Hitler! Edith Salter was a talented dress designer in Zilina, Czechoslovakia, when the Nazis began persecuting her Jewish family. She too would travel to Auschwitz via a death-defying mile forced march and she too would be greeted by the smartly dressed Dr Mengele, who carried out hideous genetic experiments on prisoners in a bid to build a master race.

After being released at the end of World War II and surviving the regime of notorious death camp guard Irma Grese, who would later be hanged for crimes against humanity, Edith joined relatives in Cardiff where she met and married her husband Fredrick, a lecturer in psychology and a painter. The quintessentially gentle, British game played out in front of her could not have been further from the horrors she had experienced. Born in Budapest, Hungary, she too found herself — with her head shaven — in front of Mengele after being taken to Auschwitz.

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It was nightfall and the snow came down. It stopped and we froze to the ground, we froze to the ground. These are the things that stick in my memory. After being released at the end of the war, Terry and her husband Stephen eventually made their way to Cardiff where Terry still lives, in the Cyncoed area aged By Robin Turner.

Contemporary Sources

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Click here for an inventory of all Holocaust-period records Gesher Galicia has indexed and made available on the All Galicia Database. The table includes include several vital record sets, which also appear in the inventory of vital records indexed by Gesher Galicia.

The numbers of records shown from each record set relate only to records from the period of the Holocaust, which is taken—for the purposes of the table—to have started in Galicia in The complete files in which these records appear often contain many further records from earlier years. The basic indexes are made available on the freely searchable All Galicia Database.

The Holocaust Project

In addition, all completed spreadsheets of indexes, along with images of the original records, are made accessible to Gesher Galicia members through the Members Portal on the website. Donations towards this project, though, of whatever size, will be greatly appreciated.

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