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As the family opened the house door and entered, everyone was keen to get to their rooms for freshening up. Except for Raj. He wanted to get started on the cooking straightaway and headed to the kitchen. He was a little surprised as he crossed the corridor to the kitchen. The kitchen light was on.

Perhaps the cook had come after all. It was not like his mother to forget switching lights off. He stepped inside the kitchen and what he saw there stopped him in his tracks. It was a not sight he wanted to see on the kitchen counter in the middle. Who did this? Raj was furious. His temper uncontrollable.

On the kitchen counter was a mess of burnt chicken and half cooked rice and vegetables. And smell was not pleasant too. Murder most foul. But a prank like this…. Radha got angry but was controlled.

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It was not me. Who was making fun of my cooking and this idea of evening dinner? Actually I was looking forward to it though I was a bit flippant in the morning. Then she looked at Kumar.

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If so, I am not coming. I am very angry myself. Kumar was taken aback by this attack from his wife. I have nothing to do with this. Perhaps the helpful mom tried to be helpful to her son and ended up helpless.

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Who are suspects? What was the motive? Was there an opportunity? We are all smart people. Let us work this out. Motives are different. The whole day we were out. Let us check our alibis. I wanted this to go well, dammit. Radha continued. Let us rule out some possibilities. She would come for work the next day. So it was not the cook. How am I a suspect?

Your science failed you. To save face you could have staged this drama. Perhaps all that was to fool us. Everyone was curious. Kamala was actually proud to see her little girl in such flowing form. Kumar was too. You had the means. House key. Now for the motive. You wanted a special evening. You designed this make-believe murder mystery for all the drama, role play and family adventure and entertainment.

If that is so, I am very impressed by your performance. Raj was quietening down a bit. Sadly, Radha, you are very wrong. How do we find out? Raj suddenly perked up.

You were asking the right questions. And I think I know who did it and it is thanks to you, my little sister. Kamala spoke suddenly. I wanted all of you to be in good mood when I did that. I knew I could do this menu well and the food would come out well. I had even practised it when all three of you went out of town.

So I had no doubt that you would appreciate my cooking as I was sure I would do well. But I was not sure how you would take to my girlfriend I was planning to introduce to you all tonight. There was total silence in the room as the doorbell rang. And the story has not unfolded the way I wanted it to. Radha opened the door to let in the visitor.

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In walked a girl, a neatly attired but a little drenched in the rain and looking very nervous. She carried some rather heavy looking bags.

Christmas Cake Murder

I just wanted to give a pleasant surprise to everyone. Raj told me of his plan for the evening and the menu and everything, I thought I should surprise everyone including Raj. Sometime ago he cooked the same items and I was there. Looked reasonably easy and I had the recipes. It was a disaster. I panicked. I thought I would slip out and get these items made by a friend of mine and bring them. I wanted to come early and clean up. Unfortunately, I got caught in the rain and was delayed.

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Sameera was in tears. If you think, I am not good enough for your son, I can easily understand. Kumar looked at her. I dabble in painting and art. Kumars said almost in unison.