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I was five years old when my father died, nine years old when my uncle died. In place of his estate [ jaagiir ], ten thousand rupees a year were allotted to us from the estate of Navab Ahmad Bakhsh.

Locations where this product is available

He didn't give them, [but gave only] three thousand rupees a year; from out of that, my own personal share was seven hundred fifty rupees a year. I made clear this failure [to pay] to the English government.

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The Resident was dismissed, the Secretary died an untimely death. After a considerable time, the King of Delhi appointed for me fifty rupees a month; the Heir Apparent, four hundred rupees a year. Two years after appointing this, the Heir Apparent died. From the court of Vajid Ali Shah, the King of Avadh, in reward for my praise-poetry, five hundred rupees a year were appointed.

He too lived no longer than two years-- that is, although he lives to this day, his kingship departed, and was gone within those two years. The kingdom of Delhi was a little more tenacious of life [ sa;xt-jaan ]-- only after providing me with bread for seven years was it destroyed.

Ten Thousand a-Year (Vol. 2) - The Original Classic Edition

Where [else] are born such inauspicious-fortune-bringers and benefactor-destroyers [as I am]? Now if I would turn my attention toward the Ruler of the Deccan [the Nizam of Hyderabad], keep in mind that my go-between will die, or be dismissed. And if neither of these things happens, then his attempt will be vain, and the Ruler will give me nothing.

And if by any chance he [the Ruler] would treat me kindly, then his kingdom will be brought down into the dust and the land will be plowed by donkeys It's as if this [Persian] line of 'Abd ul-Qadir Bedil 's comes from my own tongue: 'The whole world knows my story--and I am nothing'. London: Merlin, , p. Asa Briggs London: Macmillan, , p. Janowitz, Lyric and Labour , ch. See also Y. Cooper played Hamlet in a Leicester Chartist production of ; cf.

Dorothy Thompson, Chartists , p. Maxwell Harmondsworth: Penguin, , IX.

Phillips Bradley New York: Vintage, , vol. The English Circular was undated, the complete series forming two volumes. See Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine , 63 February , pp.

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The Circular includes this passage p. See Ten Thousand A-Year , vol. The English Chartist Circular printed this on the front page of issue 14, vol. Julius Caesar III. Rose, a shop-keeper's daughter, elopes with a gentleman lover. Pregnant and abandoned, she falls into prostitution and dies in poverty.

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  • The Circular often sounds like Milton when it discusses tyranny's roots in moral corruption. The English people's king-worship reveals them as more abject than Caliban:. If your IP address is shown by Maxmind to be outside of Germany and you were momentarily blocked, another issue is that some Web browsers erroneously cache the block. Trying a different Web browser might help.

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